İznik Mavi Çini Flowers of Private Garden of the Sultan - İznik Mavi Çini
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Flowers of Private Garden of the Sultan

There is a room for Sultan III. Ahmed, known as a fruit room, is decorated with floral patterns from floor to ceiling in the Topkapı Palace in the women's quarters (hareem).
Among the most well-known decorations of this room are bouquets of flowers in a vase or different fruits in the cavity of the plate itself. The bouquets drawn are inspired by the fragrant flowers of the private garden of the Sultan. In the patterns prepared by our designer Serap Ereyli, these flowers came to life in Iznik tiles together with Turkish tile motifs.

Width: 80 x Height: 120 cm (31.50 x 47.24 inches)
The hand-made Iznik ceramics that you choose are made upon order. The ceramic will be shipped within 10 business days after you place your order.


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