İznik Mavi Çini The Green Tomb / BURSA - İznik Mavi Çini
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The Green Tomb

The tomb inside the Green Complex, which inspired the name for the Yeşil province in the city of Bursa, was built by Yıldırım Bayazid’s son Çelebi Mehmed in 1421. The architect of the tomb was Hacı İvaz Pasha. It has a special place in Ottoman architecture as it is the only tomb where all walls are covered with tiles. As a part of the restoration project, we carried out together with Anikya in 2009, the Iznik tiles were prepared by using the traditional colored glazing (cuerda seca) decoration technique peculiar to the era. The borders, panels with prayers and mosaic panels which in total cover an area of 85 sqm, were produced in our facility upon approval by the Istanbul Technical University.


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