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Membership Agreement

All rights of https://www.iznikmavicini.com/ (“Website”) are the property of Mavi Çini Seramik ve Turizm İşletmeciliği San Tic. Ltd. Şti. “MAVİ ÇİNİ”). The use of the website by the Users and Members are subject to the terms and conditions below:

I. Membership to the Website and its use shall mean that you acknowledge the terms and conditions below. MAVİ ÇİNİ reserves its right to change any data offered at the Website, such as price details, or any services, products, intellectual and artistic works offered at the Website and its extensions, to terminate the publication of the Website, to cease the Website publication in its entirety and to edit the Website in part or in full at its sole discretion without any prior notice whatsoever. Changes by Mavi Çini to the Website Terms of Use shall become effective upon their publication at the Website, and these changes shall be deemed to be accepted by a user when the user visits or has access to the Website in any manner whatsoever and starts to use it. An individual or legal person who fully completes the membership form of the Website and whose membership is acceptable by Mavi Çini shall be deemed to be a “MEMBER”. A member is required to be older than 18 years old. A legal person may apply for membership only by means of its legal representative.

Any member or visitor who logs in, visits, or somehow uses or has access to the Website (a “User”) agrees, represents and undertakes in advance that he shall comply with the Terms of Use of Mavi Çini Website. The term “User” as used above means any person who logs in the Website in any manner or by logging in as a member, who uses, examines or is somehow connected to the Website by means of any communication device (mobile phone, computer, etc) or who exchanges or is exchanging electronic data over the Website. 

II. Service Content
Services to be provided by Mavi Çini over the Website is the undamaged delivery by the Cargo Company of goods to the Customer within the committed term and without any defect whatsoever after the cost of such goods offered for sale at Mavi Çini online store is paid by the member and on the condition that that good is in stocks in Mavi Çini. 

III. General Provisions about Membership 
Mavi Çini has the right to cancel the membership at its sole discretion and without the need to show any reason whatsoever.
All kinds of intellectual property rights vested in the Website (products posted on the website, designs, colors, figures, data, articles, pictures, trademarks and all other signs, page layout, etc.) are the exclusive property of Mavi Çini. In the case that intellectual property rights posted at the website are partly or fully copied, changed, published, sent online or by means of the use of any other media, distributed or sold, these actions are strictly in breach of the Intellectual and Artistic Works Law no. 5846 (IAWL), and shall be subject to civil and criminal sanctions. 
MAVİ ÇİNİ shall be in no event liable for any direct or indirect loss that may arise from the breach of the Agreement, torts or any other reason.
MAVİ ÇİNİ may terminate or transfer this Agreement in part or in full without any notice on any date and in any manner at its sole discretion,
However, the user and/or the member may not terminate this Agreement.
A member agrees, represents and undertakes that any password created by him shall exclusively belong to it; that he shall not make available these passwords to these parties in any event; that he shall be liable for all losses and damages that may otherwise arise. Whether or not the data provided by the member at the time of the membership application shall be fully at the member’s responsibility and Mavi Çini shall be under no civil liability due to losses arising from the supply of erroneous or wrong membership data.
Mavi Çini reserves its right to take all security measures and, if necessary, to initiate legal proceedings against those violating parties, including the right to block the access by Users to the website and to cancel their memberships in the event that these users act in breach of the Website Terms of Use and the above-mentioned rules.
Mavi Çini shall be under no civil or criminal liability for any loss, damage or grief that users, members or other third parties may sustain for any reason whatsoever due to the use of the Website, the use of the data and information offered and provided at the Website or any type of computer viruses or similar malicious software that one can be exposed to during his access to the Website. Users agree, represent and undertake in advance that they shall not assert any claim or demand from Mavi Çini under any name whatsoever on account of the losses mentioned above.
IZNIK Courts and Execution Offices shall have jurisdiction over disputes that may arise from this “USER TERMS AND CONDITIONS AND MEMBERSHIP AGREEMENT.” 


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