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Our dear Members and Visitors,

Mavi Çini Seramik ve Turizm İşletmeciliği San Tic. Ltd. Şti. (“MAVİ ÇİNİ”), in its capacity as the “Data Controller”, wishes to inform you about your personal data processed by us under our policies and the Personal Data Protection Law no. 6698 as applicable to the processing of your personal data.

This is a privacy notice for the use of your personal data if:
•    You visit https://www.iznikmavicini.com/ (“Website”) or use the Mobile Application which you may download to your mobile device, or you make purchases from the Website/ Mobile application;
•    You register as a member over the Website/ Mobile application;
•    You accept to be informed through commercial communication channels about general and customized campaigns;
•    You contact on a mutual basis by means of MAVİ ÇINI’s contact details;
•    You participate in campaigns, contests, lotteries and other activities organized by MAVI CINI.
Cookies and programs are used in the Website/ Mobile application. You can read about our cookie policy by visiting https://www.iznikmavicini.com/.

1. Our Purpose for Processing Your Personal Data, and Types of Your Personal Data Processed by Us
Website/Mobile Application Use and Purchases (shopping as a member or a non-member)
We process your following data:
•    Your ID details (name and surname), contact details (e-mail address, phone number, address) and customer transaction (shopping date, time and amount, shopping contents, details about installments, payment terms and details, campaigns/rebates/interest used by you) in order to complete the shopping, to prepare your orders, collections, packaging and waybills, to update your cargo and delivery details, to deliver your order to you, to distinguish your entries created by us with our system from the entries about other customers), to perform aftermarket operations (changes, returns, product inspections, etc.), and where it is necessary, to issue a note of expenses and to send e-invoice about your shopping to you;
•    Your ID and invoice details, and where you are a taxpayer, certain invoice data (Turkish Republic ID number, tax ID number, sole proprietor company details) for issuing an invoice.
•    Where you wish to make your payment by means of a credit card, your credit card details to collect your payment (credit card details are transferred to the payment institutions as we do not store them).
•    Data about the use of the Website and Mobile Application in order to identify and cure technical/ software errors and malfunctions that you may encounter during your visit and use of the Website and Mobile Application
MAVİ ÇİNİ Membership (Site/Mobile Application)
We process your following data:
•    Your ID (name surname), contact data (e-mail address, telephone number) and your password details to complete membership procedures, to fulfill the requirements of the membership agreement that we shall sign with you, to allow member log-in and to provide membership details;
•    Your ID details (name surname), contact data (e-mail address, telephone number, delivery and invoice address details) allow you to make purchases by using your membership details without the need for you to re-enter your details whenever you wish to make a purchase over the Website/Mobile Application as a member;
•    Your shopping details in order to allow you, as a member, to view your shopping history (shopping date, time, amount, contents and payment details);
•    Your marketing details (birth date, name, surname, e-mail address, province, borough, address, approaches towards notices/ polls/offers/campaigns within the Website and Mobile Application, habits, favourites, likes, behaviours, preferences, search movements, segments, cart details, shopping history and the amount of the purchase, contents, payment methods, preferences and channels, details of the payment bank, cookie entries, cookie and advertisement introducer/ ID details and device ID and IP details, Mobile Application usage time and version data, contact preferences, user browser details, details about the brand, model, technical features and operating system details, details about the operators in use/ used by you, replies to polls etc) to allow you to make use of membership programs, to offer campaigns, advantages, promotions and advertisements  and to carry out campaigns, contents, lotteries and other activities customized for you, to proceed with segmentation, reporting, profiling, marketing and analysis studies, to organize MAVI CINI advertisements and marketing/contact details (notices in the Mobile Application and Website, Pop-up displays, offers customized for the user, customization of user screens, advertisements, searches, polls, etc.) for organizing ads and marketing/communication operations of MAVI CINI in Mobile Application, Website and other third party environments, to improve user experience in the Website and Mobile Application, to send catalogues, brochures and printed marketing materials to you.

Commercial Contact
If you give permission/ express consent for commercial contact, we process your ID details (name, surname), contact details (phone number, e-mail address) in order to organize general or customized campaigns, advantages, promotions, ads, briefing, marketing activities and customized commercial contact (SMS, e-mail, searches, etc.) and to send our invitations for campaigns, contests, lotteries, receptions, opening ceremonies and other events).
Customer Relations
We process your ID details (name, surname), contact details (address, e-mail address, phone number and social media account details), financial data (where necessary, your IBAN number for control and return procedures), customer actions (your requests and complaints, purchases, gift/discount/advantage uses) and, if necessary, your legal transaction details in order to overcome your problems and complaints that you have sent to us, and to contact you whenever necessary in this respect if you contact us over our contact channels (call center, our e-mail addresses, Mobile Application, Website, social media, complaint portals, etc.).
Legal Procedures and In-house Operations
We process your ID details (name, surname, birth date), contact details (phone, e-mail address, address), customer actions (shopping details, your feedback and your poll replies), invoice and transaction security (IP port details, and log records about the use of the Website/Mobile Application use and shopping, membership, permission/ explicit consent/ contract under commercial communication and data updates), your camera shots and legal transaction details (correspondence and file data in connection with disputes) in order to fulfil our obligations under the applicable statute, to perform our legal obligations towards competent and encumber public agencies and entities, to exercise all kinds of action, reply and objection rights towards governmental institutions and agencies in disputes that may arise, such as courts, enforcement offices and arbitration committees), to proceed with negotiations and settlement procedures in connection with disputes and to deliver you such data that you may require from us pursuant to your rights.
We process your ID details (name, surname), contact details (phone, e-mail address, address), shopping and order details and transaction security details (IP address details, port details, details of connection to the Website/ Mobile Application, access dates) in order to prevent the use of Mobile Application, Website and other MAVİ ÇİNİ systems in breach of membership contracts, legislation and code of conduct, to identify, block and unblock suspicious transactions and unlawful uses).
Campaigns and Events
We process your ID (name and surname) and contact (phone number, e-mail address and address) details to complete procedures about the relevant event if you attend campaigns, contests, lotteries and other events organized/announced by MAVI ÇINI, to consummate events and to send awards and products to you whenever necessary.

2.    To whom may we transfer your personal data and for what purposes?
We may transfer your personal data to:
•    Suppliers of MAVİ ÇİNİ based in Turkey and abroad (providers of call centre services, services for collection and reply of complaints and demands from social media, software development and support service, advertisement, digital marketing/ advertisement and analysis services and product support, agencies, broadcasters, publishers, electronic message instrument service providers, served services, independent audit service providers, storage service providers, online poll service providers, disaster recovery service providers, database management and maintenance services, cargo and courier companies, press houses and service providers for printing house and printed material shipment services, legal and financial consultancy etc. service providers, money and payment institutions, e-invoice and e-archive invoice service providers) in order to get product and service support in the fields of information technologies, marketing/advertisement operations or other special consultancies, or to abroad because servers of our suppliers in Turkey are located abroad;
•    to group companies for which you have given your commercial communication consent, or to our group companies for the use of common software and servers within group companies, getting analysis/marketing support services from group companies, and if you are a member, to provide data enrichment/reduplication operations;
•    to our business partners in connection with the operations to enhance the visitor traffic in the Website and Mobile Application;
•    to our business partners from which you have made purchases in order to complete the shopping from our third-party business partners that market their products in Mavi Çini, to place your orders, to deliver them to you and to provide post-sale support services and to finalize your requests and complaints;
•    to payment institutions for the relevant purchase where necessary in order to monitor, identify and prevent suspicious or unlawful actions;
•    to competent public bodies and authorities as well as judicial authorities in order to perform our obligations to deliver information and documents to them and to perform our other obligations, and to exercise our rights to bring about lawsuits and to submit replies.

If you register your credit cards with the relevant section at the Website/ Mobile Application in order to make your payments via credit card, your credit card details shall be directly transferred to the institution that provides for the credit card details storage infrastructure without us storing them. All credit card transactions and approvals that you may need for your registered credit cards are executed online between you and the relevant bank or card institution independent of us, and we cannot see or save certain details such as credit card “password”.

3.    Method to collect your personal data and its legal grounds

MAVİ ÇİNİ or our suppliers collect your personal data by means of automatic methods such as by saving data you have shared during your shopping or membership registration over the Website or Mobile Application, or your data updates with our systems, by saving data created/acquired from the use of the Mobile Application and/or your fixed-mobile Internet and communication devices,  updates of all kinds of purchases, shopping, collection, delivery, transaction, data and commercial communication preferences, completion of polls, saving behavioural transactions with our sites, saving referrals by our business partners from websites to our Website and Mobile Application, saving requests and complaints that you have sent to us over communication channels (call centre, Mobile Application, Website, our e-mail addresses, social media, complaint ports and other communication channels), and also we further collect these details by non-automatic means such as collecting and saving information/documents related to you from governmental authorities, institutions and judicial/ administrative authorities.
In MAVİ ÇİNİ, we collect your personal data on the basis of the following legal grounds:
•    In connection with the sales processes on the Website and Mobile Application, “mandatory data processing for the execution and performance of the contract”, “fulfillment of legal obligations” and “mandatory data processing for the legitimate interests of the data controller”;
•    “Your explicit consent” that you may give in connection with personal data processing under the marketing, segmentation and analysis works under your MAVI CINI membership, and “where the processing of personal data of the contractual parties is necessary if it is directly related to the execution or performance of a contract” for the personal data processing procedures in connection with the establishment of your MAVI ÇINI membership and the performance of our obligations pursuant to the membership agreement;
•    Your “explicit consent” that you may give in connection with your commercial communication operations;
•    “Mandatory data processing for legitimate purposes of the data controller” in connection with operational procedures, effectiveness processes and customer relations in order to identify and prevent suspicious transactions in connection with the use of the Website and Mobile Application;
•    “Fulfilment of legal obligation” and “explicit stipulation in the laws” in connection with our obligations arising from the legislation;
•    “Mandatory data processing and transfer for the establishment, use or protection of rights” in connection with legal disputes, investigations and other judicial/official procedures.
Whenever you wish and without the need to offer a just cause, you can reject commercial electronic communication, and in circumstances where your personal data is processed based on your explicit consent, you may withdraw your explicit consent, and stop the personal data processing based on your explicit consent.

 4.    Storage Time of Personal Data
MAVİ ÇİNİ shall erase, delete, destroy or anonymize personal data when the purpose to process your personal data is no longer applicable or the time periods for the mandatory storage of data as set out in the laws and other applicable legislation expire.

5.    Application Method
You can at all times apply to us in connection with your rights set out in Article 11 of the Law regarding your personal data processed by Mavi Çini. You can send your applications in writing to the following address of Mavi Çini Seramik ve Turizm İşletmeciliği San Tic. Ltd. Şti. in its capacity as the data controller by completing the APPLICATION FORM, or by sending an e-mail from your e-mail address registered with our system (the said request should be in line with the terms and conditions prescribed in the Communique on Procedures and Rules for application to the Data Controller).

Adress: Mavi Çini Seramik ve Turizm İşletmeciliği San Tic. Ltd. Şti.
Selçuk Mah. Yunus Emre Sok. No:12 İznik / Bursa
E-Mail: basvuru@iznikmavicini.com

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