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Influence of Iznik, Kütahya and Canakkale Ceramics with Ship Depictions Observed on European Ceramics

Reaching the lands around the Aegean and Mediterranean, the Iznik, Kütahya and Çanakkale ceramics influenved a vast geography. Similar porcelains, tiles and ceramics d...

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Saz Style in Tiling

The Saz style first originated not in ceramics but in Iran as a drawing style and the leading representative of this style in the Ottoman Palace was the Şahkulu who wa...

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Helezoni Tugrakes Style

The Haliç work is completely different from the other styles of the era or Baba Nakkaş Work of a previous era, in terms of adornment. It is an abstract style that has ...

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Iznik Tiles that Reach the Present Day

Before the tile manufacture began in İznik, the tiles that were used in religious buildings such as mosques or tombs in Ottoman capitals (Bursa, Edirne, Istanbul) were...

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Iznik Pottery

Many people think that this ceramic is named after Iznik because it is produced in Iznik or that it comes from China. However, history tells us a completely different ...

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Capital of Empires, Nicaea

Iznik has always been a popular city among kings, rulers and nations throughout history such as the Great Alexander of Macedonia, Constantine I, the Seljuk Sultan Sule...

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